Recipe – Guava Juice


Prep Time: 2 minutes

Ready In: 2 minutes

Serve: 2


  • 2 medium sized, organic, Guavas, each chopped into 8 pieces.
  • Water: As required
  • Lemon Juice: A few drops
  • Sugar: 1 Teaspoon
  • Black Salt: ½ Teaspoon
  • Ice Cubes: As required


  • Take out the seeds from the chopped guava pieces. (optional)
  • Blend Guavas with water until very smooth, about 1 minute.
  • Pour mixture through a sieve into a bowl, pressing hard on solids.
  • Add sugar, salt and lemon juice. Stir well.
  • Serve Guava juice over ice cubes, in a glass.

Cook’s Note

  • You may add mint leaves while serving.

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